Hi grade pocket watch MOLNIJA - Russian - 18jewels - MASONIC SIMBOL ,Rare E. Howard 18s series VII 15 jewel engraved plate pocket / wrist watch,M 1883 G81 OF Size 18s 15j Waltham pocket watch movement dial hand runs or parts,Early american Key-wind pocket watch coin silver case 18S,Hi grade pocket watch MOLNIJA with ornate "Railroad"USSR-SOVIET-USSR-18jewels ,ANTIQUE 18K GOLD KEY WIND POCKET WATCH HENRY HOFFMANN LOCLE CLOSED CASE,WALTHAM 15 JEWEL POCKET WATCH 18 SIZE APPLETON TRACY,ANTIQUE WALTHAM POCKET WATCH 18 SIZE LEVER SET IN GOOD RUNNING CONDITION ,18 SIZE HAMPDEN 11JEWELS MOD.2 GR.31 SIDEWINDER DUEBER SILVERINE CASE,Antique 15-Jewel Open Face, 18-Size, Elgin Pocket Watch in Swing-Out Case C.1900, 18s 17 Jewel Hampden Lever Set Watch Runs! ,1893 18s Waltham Appleton Tracy 15J RR Grade ? Civil War Theme Dial Running S,1889 WALTHAM APPLETON TRACY POCKET WATCH - 15 JEWEL,KEY SET,18S,COIN SILVER ,VINTAGE 18 SIZE ELGIN KEY WIND/KEY SET POCKET WATCH MOVEMENT GRADE 97 ,~~ DS DIAL - Railroad Hands 18 sz 17 JEWELS ELGIN - Pocket Watch Movement - ,18K HAMILTON "MASTERPIECE" #922 23J POCKET WATCH,Vintage Elgin Grade 74 18s 11 Jewel Running Pocket Watch ,1868 GM Wheeler 18s sn14408 NICE- dial Elgin National watch pocket 11j hunter KW,1883 WALTHAM P.S. BARTLETT 18s 15J Coin Silver Hunters Case RUNNING S5,AM.WALTHAM 18 SIZE COIN SILVER HUNT CASE/17JEWEL CRESCENT ST MOVE/W/.WATCH PAPER,WALTHAM 18 SIZE GOLD FILLED HUNT CASE ENGRAVED DEER+FLORAL 15J ETRA NICE GUARANT,Hampden (U.S.) 15-Jewel, Coin Silver, 18-Size Hunter Case Pocket Watch C. 1884,Rare Early Civil War Era Patek Philippe 18k Gold Hunter Ladies Pocket Watch, 18s 17 Jewel Hamilton 925 Lever Set Movement ,ELGIN COIN SILVER 1888 /18 size Open Face Pocket Watch/ Running/,Illinois A. Lincoln Pocket Watch 18s 21j,ANTIQUE ILLINOIS 18S 17J 2-TONE CHECKERBOARD POCKET WATCH IN STERLING SILVER,Estate Antique Waltham William Ellery 18s 11j Key Wind Coin Silver Pocket Watch,Antique Illinois 18 size 17 jewel railroad open face pocket watch,ROCKFORD WATCH Co. 18 SIZE HUNTING CASE POCKET WATCH MODEL 3 C.1883,Beautiful Model 1883 Waltham 18 size Sterling silver Pocket Watch,Works,Waltham 24 Jewel Pocket watch: 18 size multicolor box case hunter ,

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